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Detailed Equipment Condition Evaulation & Report

A detailed survey of each elevator is performed to determine the type of system installed, equipment condition, performance, the remaining useful life of major components, code issues, and upgrade/modernization considerations.
Detailed examination includes:
* Elevator Car Operation and Performance
* Elevator Door Operation and Performance
* Elevator Machine Room
* Elevator Hoistway
* Elevator Pit
* Elevator Car Equipment and Fixtures
* Supervisory Control System
* Maintenance Records
* ADA and Title 24 handicap Compliance

A detailed survey of each escalator to determine equipment condition, performance, proper operation, cleanliness and current level of service. Please note that the building’s maintenance contractor must disassemble and reassenble the escalators as needed for our survey.
Detailed examination includes:
* Escalator Operation and Performance
* Escalators Interior and Exterior Areas
* Maintenance Records

A written report encapsulates the consultant’s findings. At a minimum the report will consist of:
1) an Executive summary which recaps the the maintenance contractor’s performance, equipment’s
remaining useful life, and any recommendations for upgrade, modernization or code compliance
2) a Maintenance Deficiency List which deficient items that are the responsibility of the elevator
maintenance contractor (under the terms of a full maintenance contract).

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