We Save You Money!

Elevator service companies are on tight, demanding schedules and cannot always dedicate the time needed to do the job they are contracted to do. This compromises the performance and useful life of your equipment. Part of our evaluation focuses on maintenance deficiencies by the elevator company.
Because our evaluations are detailed, we frequently discover latent problems that can be corrected before they become “costly/safety problems”.
We answer your questions regarding proposals and billings submitted by your elevator service company. We can tell you if they are accurate and/or necessary.

Ensure Your Tenant's Safety!

During our detailed evaluations, we provide a list of upgrades and modernization items that should be budgeted into the future. We also provide a timeline for those items (ie. “within 1 year”, or “within 7 to 10 years”).
Our evaluations (both Detailed and Maintenance Deficiency audits) call out leveling problems, noise & ride quality, door closing speeds and operation of door protection devices; these items to be corrected by your elevator maintenance service company.
Our Detailed Evaluations include Americans with Disabilities (ADA) compliance items.

Improve Your Litigious Position!

Our consulting services focus on issues that protect the building managers and owners (ie. owner-protected specifications, etc...)

A Our evaluations address upgrade recommendations for increased safety and tenant protection.

What Sets Us Apart!

Customized Services to fit YOUR needs.
Flexible report formats.
Quick turn-around from site visit to report
Easy contact with our Consultants.
Cell Phone, Pager, E-Mail, Voice Mail, etc...
Qualified Elevator Inspectors (QEI) Certified Consultants.
Payment Options.
Per Service/Phase or Anually, Quarterly, Monthly
We Accept VISA and Master Card


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